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Can I have one of those bags?

Our first trip…. That morning we woke up with an urgency and excitement. Today was the day, we are going to step into what God had shown us to do; make pb&j sandwiches and take them to people who were in need, not just physically but spiritually. As we sat at the table making the sandwiches, packing the bags, we were nervous…. “What if they didn’t receive us, what if they were offended?”

We loaded up our truck and went to where God had called us. We had 26 bagged lunches that day and 10 hygiene bags. We prayed over all the items, “God please let them know how much you love them, through us”. As well pulled in the parking lot, we stopped and looked at each other, we could already see people outside, this was it. We prayed again, we cried out to God be with us. He was.

We pulled all the way onto the property, we hopped out of the truck and let down the tailgate. We called up to a group of people standing outside, they were searching, curious of who we were and what we wanted. We said “Hey, we have lunch here, its free”. They came… quickly and in numbers, within a matter of minutes we had nothing left to give. A young man walked up to the truck with his head down, he said, “Can I get one of those bags?". We looked at each other “I’m sorry we are all out”. The look in his eyes, we will never forget. He was hungry, he was lost, he felt hopeless. We vowed to be back, and we did. We came back every week and each week we added more lunches and hygiene bags.

That was nine months ago, we now go to multiple locations. We offer lunch, hygiene items and can food. Most importantly we offer them hope and love. The hope and love only Jesus can give. We pray together, we cry together. They are our family, and we are theirs. Jesus is changing lives, not just theirs but changing our lives also.

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