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We are a group of people that love Jesus and want to see his Kingdom Come here on Earth

Our Story

Karla & Harley Powell recently started Anxious for Nothing to fill gaps in local communities with the love of Jesus and a passion for people. Our vision is that no one will feel hopeless or forgotten again. Over the past year we have provided over 6000 bagged lunches, over 2000 hygiene bags and over 1,500 canned food items to our local homeless population, all while sharing the love of Jesus. We also have the opportunity to work with local youth at our monthly skateboard outreach, where we teach them how to skateboard and about the love of Jesus. The youth we work with at the skateboard outreach also help make the lunches we provide to the homeless community.

Our dream is to open a community center. We believe that a single person that is awakened to God’s truth can awaken another person and another, until a community is awaken, and that collective action can awaken the world.

               Meet the Board


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