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Camp Code of Conduct

At Anxious for Nothing we strive to maintain a spiritual atmosphere. You will have a great time at camp if you will follow this code of conduct. Please review this information. Failure to comply with this code could result in dismissal from camp.

  • Follow all instructions from the camp staff. 

  • Follow the camp schedule. 

  • Always stay within the camp boundaries.

  • You must check out before leaving camp. 

  • Stay safe and keep others safe. This means no horseplay. 

  • Swim in the pool only when a lifeguard and counselor are present and, it is your designated swim time

  • Girls must wear a one-piece bathing suit, long tankini or t-shirt over suit.

  • Cover (clothing) and shoes must be worn to and from the pool and restroom, male and female.

  • Wear shoes or sandals at all times

  • No bare midriffs. Shorts must come to fingertips.

  • Your counselor must be present at all times, never go off alone (use buddy system)

  • Use boats/canoes only with counselors/staff present. You must wear life jackets. 

  • No bad language or swearing

  • One person in a shower at a time

  • All medications must be turned in at registration to the camp nurse. 

  • Electronics such as iPods, Cell phones, I-Watches, etc., are not permitted.

  • Treat camp facilities and equipment with care. Any intentional damage will incur a charge to the camper. 

  • No food or drink allowed in the cabins. 

  • No physical display of affection allowed. 

  • Report any abuse (physical, verbal, sexual) immediately to the camp director. 

  • NO Bullying

  • Keep hands off others property. 

  • The use of tobacco, drugs, vaping devices, nicotine pouches,or alcohol is prohibited. 

  • Only emergency phone calls are permitted with the director’s permission. No cell phones are permitted.

  • All lights out by 11:00 pm

  • Please put all trash and gum in trash cans

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Closed Campus - NO VISITORS

  • Weapon, Drug, Alcohol and Vaping Free Zone

Anyone not following the rules is subject to parents being called for pick up. We do not tolerate substance use, bullying or disrespect to counselors/volunteers or facilities.

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