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We are the lucky ones....

It’s taken me several weeks to write this, because it’s been difficult to put into words the impact Anxious for Nothing has had on me.

I built my career as a counselor, and I was proud of the job I did helping people. I worked in counseling for many years, until eight years ago when my life came crashing down. I had to leave the job I loved; at the time I never thought I would truly find anything that would touch and impact my heart like that job had.

That held true until I experienced Anxious for Nothing. For the first year, I helped with the Breaking Bread ministry. At the beginning of this year, I started coming on Friday nights. I know that Friday night Prayer and Pizza isn’t for everyone—if you aren’t ready for kids to be kids it’s not the place for you—and I admit that I struggled at the beginning. I remember asking God if this was really the place He had for me and if I should continue serving.

The ministry didn’t change, but God was changing my heart and my outlook. I cried when I left on Friday nights, devastated by the burdens the kids were facing. I started praying, really praying, not just for Anxious for Nothing, but for each kid who came. I prayed specifically for the kids who came to mind as well as the kids I was able to pray for during altar calls.

I recently had the opportunity to serve at Anxious for Nothing’s student camp, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t fully explain the transformation that took place. I was astounded at how present the Holy Spirit was throughout those four days; at how burdens were laid down and kids were truly changed. They opened up about their true struggles, confessed their fears, and built relationships with each other and their leaders. I left that week still trying to put together in my mind the impact that it had on me.

I really still can’t fully put it into words what AFN means to me. One thing I do know is that the Holy Spirit is moving; change is slowly happening in Bedford because of these kids, and while some may consider the kids lucky, I think the leaders are even luckier to have a chance to love them every Friday night. I am so excited to see and be part of what Anxious for Nothing has in store for the future.


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