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"My Life has changed"

My experience with the Breaking Bread ministry has been life changing for me. We "Hope Dealers" ask if we can pray for the person/family that we deliver to. We don't leave before praying for them. As a result, I now find myself very comfortable with asking others if I can pray for them right then and there. People that I know and people that I don't know. The mom that I prayed with many times would tell me that those times of prayer were the highlight of her week. She would always feel a sense of peace afterwards.

Watching that mom who I now call my friend come to Christ has been the biggest blessing of all. What an honor and privilege to be used by God in such a small way, and to watch Him do such amazing things.

I now realize that my passion in life is to see God do amazing things in the lives of those that don't yet know Him. I am so grateful that Karla asked me to serve in this way. I believe that God has used this to bring about the change that I needed in my own life as well. All praise and glory be to Him!

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